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Publisher's address Jan P a v e l
U Modrinek 1023
516 01 Rychnov n. Kneznou

Tel.: +420-445- 533040
E-mail: pavel-ja@seznam.cz
  • Contact us via E-mail (o.filip@jablonne.cz) to ensure that the specific issue is available and specify if you want the version with ENGLISH captions for all plans and photos. We will reply as soon as possible.
  • Then send 3 EUR (or equivalent in USD) to the address above using the international money postal order. The price consists of 2 EUR for the magazine and 1 EUR for postage. The paper with captions is free. We will send you additional information about a discount in case you want to order more than one piece.
Advertisment You can use the magazine for paid advertisment too.

Price list:
a whole page 30 EUR
a half of page 15 EUR
a quarter of page 7.50 EUR

For more information please contact the publisher.
Informations for authors We will publish any article dealing with the problem of new age fortification (i.e. from the 16th century). But we will especially prefer the period of the 19th and the 20th century, the period when concrete and armor started to appear in fortification engineering.

The artice might be published if it is serious and qualitative. We appreciate articles supplemented by plans and photographic documentation. We will be very thankful for any article. Of course, you do not need to be a reknown author. We will be glad if you send us even short articles about any interesting aspect of any fortification system.

Technical requirements will be specified after contacting us
(e-mails are preferred).
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