Photogallery 12 (2005) - "Million Bunkers" of The Finnish Mannerheim Line

All photos by A. Goss were downloaded with his permition from www.nortfort.ru.

captured bunker Sj-4


Soldiers of the Red army are contemplating an armoured casemate of the captured bunker Sj-4.

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barracks Sj-5


Barracks in the underground of the bunker Sj-5 "Millionaire". Though bunkers on the top were damaged, the barracks are in quite good state.

Photo by
A. Goss.

protitanková překážka


Typical anti-tank obstacles - line of big stones. These near the bunker Sj-5.

Photo by
B. Irincheev.

well for the MG post


A well for the retractable MG post in the roof of Sk-10 bunker.

Photo by
A. Goss.



A command bunker
Sk-16 located in the Summakylä sector . You can see part of the roof board being inverse on the top of the bunker as a consequense of an explosion.

Photo by
A. Goss.

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